Ecuadorian Oregano


Young Living Ecuadorian Oregano

Last month was all about Palo Santo. It is very interesting that Palo Santo tree has to die on its own and lie on the ground for 2-4 years before being distilled into the high quality essential oil in our cupboards. Now lets talk about an herb that anyone who loves pizza or spaghetti will enjoy learning about: Oregano! I loved being able to smell Oregano when I visited the Young Living Ecuador farm last summer. Our tour guide invited us to take a leaf of the plant and I enjoyed breathing deep its strong, woodsy scent. To me Oregano smells like power, like courage, it makes me think “maybe skydiving with Nicolette (my daughter) for her 18th birthday won’t be so bad after all!”


Oregano starts from seeds

Today Young Living’s Ecuador Farm owns thirty acres lined with row after row of Oregano and there are plans to expand the acreage and increase the production of Italian food’s best friend. Oregano plants are grown from seeds that were sown into the ground instead of seedlings (baby plants) and take 5 months to be ready for harvest. All of the Oregano harvesting must be done before the year ends because in Ecuador January through March is the monsoon season and the tractors and other equipment would become stuck in the mud trying to get the harvest in. Currently working on Young Living’s Ecuador farm are 82 employees, but with nearly 2000 acres to maintenance and care for there is no way that they can do all that needs to be done so contractors are hired. When needed groups of 20 to 25 contractors are hired to help on the farm but something great about the Ecuador farm is that the people who are hired are locals who need a way to provide for their family. So as Young Living produces pure, high quality oils for the world, they are also giving back to the communities that they work in by providing good jobs.


Young Living Ecuador Farm, baby oregano

Did you know that Oregano is in the mint family? Did you know that it is related rosemary? Did you know that all 30 acres of Oregano must be weeded twice a year…. by hand? When the plants are small and fragile the weeds must be pulled up by the roots manually but once the plants become more sturdy, machetes help to speed up the weeding process. Oregano is an extremely powerful herb that is grown with respect at Young Living Ecuador farm and we have the benefit of using the potent, pure oil that is distilled from it in or lives for everything from pizza sauces to fighting viruses.

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Patience for Palo Santo

 Last month we talked about how I hand picked Ylang Ylang flowers at Young Living’s Ecuador farm. I shared about how the flowers must be picked at the right time of day, be the right color, and be distilled at a low pressure and in smaller quantities because of the delicacy of the blossoms. This month I am going to tell you about Palo Santo!

 While at Young Living’s Ecuador farm, I had the amazing opportunity to smell and experience Palo Santo oil straight from the trunk of a Palo Santo tree. Young Living doesn’t just have a few Palo Santo trees, they have a forest! In fact this forest is where, in the early days of the Ecuador Farm, Gary, Mary and the boys would meet to read from the Bible and pray about their family, Young Living and the farm. It was so amazing to be able to smell the wood and immediately recognize it as the scent of the oil that I have used so many times to ease the pain in my shoulder.

Did you know that the Palo Santo essential oil is distilled from the wood, not the leaves, of the plant and that in order to produce the perfect quality oil the tree must die and fall over naturally? Now you might be thinking “Just chop down the tree and distill it. Everything would go a lot faster that way, plus wouldn’t the tree have more oils when it is alive anyway?” and this is where you

would be wrong. The Palo Santo trees are protected in Ecuador so they cannot be cut down, but that is perfectly fine with Young Living because when the Palo Santo tree falls over and dies naturally it begins to rapidly produce oils and concentrate them in the trunk in an effort to heal its injury, not realizing that, being up rooted, it is far past recovering. Isn’t it amazing how God creates plants in awesome ways to help us? Also, instead of distilling the trunk as soon as it hits the ground, Young Living must allow the tree to lay there for a minimum of 2 to 4 YEARS in order to produce the highest quality oils! Think of how much patience you would need! So next time you grab your bottle of Palo Santo oil, imagine all the years that went into that bottle, and all the care that was taken in producing it to the highest quality.

Pictures in this article were taken by me in Young Living’s Ecuador farm.

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Essential Oil Safety and The Internet

Essential Oil Safety and the Internet
by April Mier
Are essential oils safe? I initially wondered the same thing. Especially after reading the
warning label, stating to seek emergency care or call poison control, on my health food
store brand Wintergreen oil that I was shaking into my tooth powder mixture. Why did
the recipe call for Wintergreen oil when it was dangerous? I wouldn’t find out until a
couple years later.
Maybe that’s you right now. Trying to decipher safety of essential oils can be difficult
with all the mixed messages on the internet. You may get the feeling that using
essential oils is something akin to dangerous chemicals that must be managed with
extreme dilution, “prescribed” by a aromatherapist, or avoided completely.
Did you know that there is an aromatherapy war out on the internet? It consists of three
very different philosophies on the use of essential oils – the British, German and French
models of aromatherapy.
The English model of aromatherapy is the one that is founded mostly on the philosophy
of heavily diluting essential oils and using them mostly in massage for the purposes of
relaxation and stress relief. The vast majority of the books and internet sources utilize
these guidelines when advising people on the use of essential oils. You may also notice
that these websites usually tout their own essential oils, or stress taking their
aromatherapy courses. There may not be any focus on the quality or purity of the
essential oil used so that their books and courses can be utilized by anyone using any
“essential oil”. So then, of course, there would be a need for many warnings and heavy
dilution! In my opinion, these scare tactics are purposeful marketing schemes used to
try to level the playing field of essential oils. Case in point, I met up with an
acquaintance recently who wanted to know more about making her own personal care
items with essential oils. Through the course of our conversation I discovered that she
was using a craft store brand of Lavender oil to make her products! She didn’t realize
that there was any difference in essential oil quality. I’ve had many such encounters
“Obviously those engaged in the manufacture and distribution of adulterated oils, knowing about the
added natural or synthetic chemicals, will warn against ingesting essential oils” *
where people used poor quality oils and wondered why they did not experience results
or had a bad experience.
The current lead proponent of this (English) model was a massage therapist for 15
years before studying and expanding into teaching on essential oils from what he
learned from research articles.
Let’s talk for a minute about research articles. Research articles on essential oils are
great however we must keep in mind that the scientists’ main goals for researching
essential oils are NOT so they may be used in their pure form to bring healing, BUT to
isolate the active compounds of the oil, synthesize it (make chemical copies), and use
the synthesized compounds in the development of future drugs. Some of the research
may be on isolated compounds alone which can give a false indication of how an
essential oil, with all of its natural chemical components in it, the way God intended,
may act on one’s body. Let’s take for instance apple seeds; they contain cyanide, which
is a known toxic compound, that can be isolated and used as a poison. However, when
you accidentally eat an apple seed, you don’t have to rush to the ER; this is because the
many other components contained in the seed, along with the cyanide, render the toxin
The German model simply focuses on inhalation of essential oils which we know can
have profound effects on the brain – emotions, hormones, etc.
Young Living follows the French model of aromatherapy which incorporates topical use,
inhalation and ingestion of pure, authentic and genuine essential oils. The purity and
authenticity of the essential oils are tantamount to their safe usage. You can NOT just
use any oil off the shelf!
The French model of aromatherapy began with a French Chemist, Rene’-Maurice
Gattefosse’, whose unfortunate chemistry lab accident resulted in the rediscovery of
essential oils. If you don’t already know the story, you can read in the Essential Oil Desk
Reference 1.8, “Dr. Gattefosse’ was literally aflame – covered in burning substances –
following a laboratory explosion in July 1910. After he extinguished the flames by rolling
on a grassy lawn, he wrote that, ‘both my hands were covered with rapidly developing
gas gangrene. “He further reported that ‘just one rinse with lavender essence stopped
the gasification of the tissue. This treatment was followed by profuse sweating and
healing which began the next day.’”
Other “forefathers” of the French aromatherapy model were Medical Doctors (MDs) and
chemists who utilized their pure “aromatic essences” in various ways. Dr. Monciere
used them during WWI to promote wound healing. Dr. Jean Valnet used them
successfully in WWII after his exhausting his supply of antibiotics on patients who were
suffering from battlefield injuries. He was able to save many lives. (EODR 1.9). I read
Dr. Jean Valnet’s book, “The Practice of Aromatherapy” where he described in detail
how he used essential oils medically – even via injection to help bring healing to patients
with certain health conditions! This book is a good read and totally supports what Young
Living teaches. There are many more listed. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living
studied in France with some of these “forefathers” of modern aromatherapy. Gary’s
perspective comes from being an avid rancher/farmer and Naturopath. He knows how
to best grow and distill pure, authentic, and genuine essential oils and then incorporate
them according to the French model.
Debra Raybern, who wrote the book “Gentle Babies” designed for pregnancy, nursing,
infants and children is, among many certifications, an Internationally Certified
Aromatherapist from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. PIA is a French style
aromatherapy school. It wasn’t until her exposure with Young Living, after utilizing many
of the essential oils on the market, that she truly experienced results with essential oils.
Her wisdom has helped tens of thousands of moms and their families including ours!
Many of you have heard our story, from chronic illness to health after incorporating a
healthy lifestyle and Young Living essential oils and products.
In general, the main attacks on this method of aromatherapy come upon the oral use of
or undiluted topical application of essential oils. Chemist, Kurt Schnaubelt PhD, in his
book, “Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils” (another really good read that
substantiates YL’s stance on EO usage)
writes about how experience contradicts these
“hyped concerns” saying, “Consequently many aromatherapy rules based on the
assumption of random toxicity are not justified by any perceivable reality. For example,
many texts will decree never to use essential oils undiluted, when in fact quite a number
of essential oils can safely be used undiluted on the skin.
The same is true for ingesting essential oils. Outlawed in many texts, ingesting a drop of
essential oil is generally nothing more than an experience characterized by strong
turpentine flavor sensations, but not by imminent danger. Certain essential oils that
have been relegated by some authors into the ‘should not be used at all’ category are
some of the therapeutically most useful.
Even the ‘safety of essential oils during pregnancy’ discussion seems to abate due to
the stubborn absence of reports of any adverse effects. And the much-feared potential
of Rosemary oil to induce seizures has so far failed to throw all of Britain into a
collective state of epilepsy” (75-76).
I can hear the sarcasm dripping from his words, can’t you? The reason why I am citing a
non-YL resource here is because it totally justifies the way Young Living advocates the
use of their essential oils. Many websites will try and paint doubts by stating that only
MLM companies say to use their essential oils in such “reckless” manners. However,
that is NOT true!
There are several examples of studies on pubmed regarding the oral usage of essential
oils for health conditions such as for respiratory problems, digestive problems such as
IBS and ulcers, anxiety and more. See Young Living’s article titled, “Topical and Oral
Administration of Essential Oils Safety Issues” in your Virtual Office under ‘Member
Oral use of Orange EOs “healed” gastric ulcers in this study –
Young Living’s resources are THE BEST for learning HOW to use THEIR essential oils!
They are about taking back control of YOUR health! Yes, essential oils are potent and
need some basic guidelines for optimal use but there is no need for the endless rounds
of scare tactics! No need to go off and find an “expert” to prescribe you essential oils to
ingest – as if you’d find one anyways! No need to become an aromatherapist before
touching an essential oil. Should you need to be an herbalist before making yourself a
cup of tea?
Again to quote Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD from his book, “Healing Intelligence of Essential
Oils” in his chapter aptly named, Aromatherapy Safety in the Information Age, he
“A thorough analysis of the many and varied contributions to the discourse about
essential oil safety could fill a volume of mainly sarcastic diatribes. To acquire the
necessary degree of comfort and ease when using essential oils, we shall adopt a more
relaxed attitude, trying to look through the many bogus warnings of nonexistent
dangers, while cultivating an awareness of a very short list of real hazards.
Ultimately, an assessment of the literature that deals with the potential toxicity of
essential oils reveals that those oils typically used in aromatherapy have not even been
investigated. Most warnings are derived from industry-funded dermatological tests with
limited relevance for aromatherapy.
The reader will find that basic information and a dose of common sense (and yes there
is a oil for that**) are a perfect foundation to safely explore the many uses of essential
oils. This is not to say that there will never be an unpleasant experience. An oil might be
irritating or more stimulating than expected. But it is also possible to view these
experiences as manifestations of a renewed physiological bond with nature.
Compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the wrongful application
of conventional medicines and the hundreds of thousands more deaths caused by
known side effects of conventional drugs, the journeys to explore essential oils are
innocent and utterly harmless” (73-74).
Young Living Essential Oils and products have completely transformed my life and that
of my family for the better. I went from being an extremely anxious mom to being a
confident one who is empowered to care for her family whenever something arises.
Also, I have heard too many testimonies from others, whose lives have been radically
changed, to keep quiet. It is definitely not within my comfort zone to speak up but I am
too passionate about sharing a better way – a way that truly brings abundant life.
Practice good common sense safety precautions with your amazing Young Living
Essential Oils. However, don’t allow fear and scare tactics to steal from you the ability to
live a healthy, happy life.
John 10:10-The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have
come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
I hope that this article helps relieve some of the fears that may have prevented people
from fully enjoying their Young Living Essential Oils.
Some good resources to
understand the proper usage of your Young Living essential oils…
Airase. -www.
– a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientific
validation of essential oils for their global standardization for home, health care and
medical uses. Lots of great information to glean from here.
Essential Oil Desk Reference –
Raybern, Debra. Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy,
Childbirth, Infants, and Young Children. Bartlesville, OK: Growing Healthy Homes, LLC,
2010. Print. –
Schnaubelt, Kurt. The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils. Rochester, VM: Healing
Arts Press, 2011. Print.
Stewart, Dr. David. Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. Marble Hill, MO: Care
Publications, 2006. Print.
*page 131-132, “The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils”, Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
** added to quote by me, April Mier, a common sense Mom who has become an
educated consumer.
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The Beauty in Every Blossom

ylang“Earth laughs in flowers”. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Looking back to where I stood in a field of ylang ylang flowers, breathing deep their scent and feeling complete peace under the blue Ecuadorian skies, I am able to understand Mr. Emmerson’s words. Flowers bring happiness and comfort, they shout the beauty and joy of nature and the wisdom of the Creator.

        Every year Young Living invites their distributors to visit the farms where their oils are grown and distilled. They are invited to see first hand the beautiful plants that go into an oil bottle and the great respect Young Living shows in the whole process, from Seed to Seal. I was able to visit Young Living’s Ecuador farm in November and it was an amazing experience. I watched as the oils were distilled, I met the wonderful people who worked on the farm, and I took a part in harvesting ylang ylang flowers. I can never look at a bottle of oil the same way.

Ylang ylang flowers are so delicate that they must be hand picked at just the right time in order to produce that calming, intimate and uplifting scent we all love while still maintaining its original constituents that help our bodies. The only flowers that pass Young Living’s strict inspection are the ones that boast a perfect yellow with a distinct red center. No pale, sickly flowers for Young Living Oilers! It took me 40 minutes to pick enough  ylang ylang blossoms to produce a measly 0.2 ml. That means in order to get you a full 5 ml bottle it would have taken me over 16 hours (16.7 to be exact) of non-stop flower picking! And that, my friends, is why you should automatically be suspicious of extremely cheap oils. If other essential oil companies had truly pure oils, as they claim they do, then there is no way they could sell their oils for so cheap.  No other company goes through the amount of attention, commitment, and dedication to integrity and stewardship of essential oils like Young Living. How do I know? I have seen it first hand, from Seed to Seal, and you can too!


While in Ecuador I was able to truly appreciate flowers. I witnessed the great respect with which they were treated and I was reminded to recognize the beauty in every drop of YL oil and the beauty in every blossom that created it.      “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” ~Chinese Proverb

My wife, April, and I invite you to discover more about Young Living essential oils here.

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Our Amazon Adventure: Steamed and Swimming in Essential Oils!!

Well traveled oils that went to the Amazon and back.

Well traveled oils that went to the Amazon and back.

These oils faithfully accompanied my dad and I on an international trip over 6000 miles to a foreign country. They made it through 6 airplane rides and numerous moto-cab rides. They helped many people on our team during our adventure from Austin, Texas through 4 Peruvian cities and back. They went on long bus drives, 2 hour boats rides, and walks down a muddy road in the rain. Our oils were used on sore throats and sore muscles, on bug bites and machete cuts, in water and on mattresses. They certainly had as much of an adventure as we did!
This August my father (Charles) and I went on a 10 day mission trip to Peru. We brought a large array of Young Living oils, supplements, and personal care products with us. I brought the Bon Voyage travel kit and love how convenient it was to have all my favorite personal care items in one pack. As we packed for our mission trip we sprayed all of our clothes with a strong mixture of Purification, citronella, Idaho Tansy, before putting them in our bags to have as much anti mosquito oils on us as possible.
One of the first things my dad and I used was the Thieves hand sanitizer. As soon as we got to the Austin airport the Thieves hand sanitizer came out, and it stayed out for the remainder of our trip. After arriving at our “hotel” in Nauta, Peru, where we spent most of our trip, we used the same spray that we had put on our clothes in our room. We used that mixture many times a day for the entire trip. In our room we sprayed down the old, dirty mattresses, put down our own sheets, and then sprayed it again to feel at ease about bed bugs and other creepy crawlies. That spray mixture worked great as a bug repellant against the many, many mosquitoes. We got a few mosquito bites but not as much as some of our team mates who used DEET. One girl on our team had her legs covered in mosquito bites and one of the guys had some bug bites that looked infected. Our missionary team of 7 people worked together on building a church and we completed it in 4 days! We made some great friends.

Water, Purification EO, Citronella EO, and Idaho Blue Tansy EO.  Our natural mosquito repellant.

Water, Purification EO, Citronella EO, and Idaho  Tansy EO. Our natural mosquito repellant.

There were many opportunities for us to help our team mates with their sore muscles, stomach aches, bug bites, and scratches and cuts. One of our teammates felt really sick after eating a meal prepared by our Peruvian friends so we offered some DiGize and he quickly accepted a drop in his mouth. About thirty minutes later he exclaimed ” That worked really fast!” He also used DiGize to help his stomach later in the week when he felt nauseous and threw up. After long days of hard work everyone felt really sore. Two of the guys were having back pain so my dad offered deep relief and, when they accepted, he rolled it on their backs.
Everyday our oils were hard at work. The climate was very hot and humid so we had to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Lemon and Ocotea were in our water daily because Ocotea is known for its anti-parasitic properties and lemon is known as antimalarial according to the Essential Oil Desk Reference (EODR). We also took Life 5 and InnerDefense every morning, afternoon, and night to keep our immune systems strong. One night, during a service our team was holding for the local Peruvians, there was a boy who had a deep machete cut on his hand that looked swollen, red, and on the verge of infection. My dad put lavender oil around the cut and told his grandmother to keep the wound clean. We gave her the whole bottle of lavender to use on the boy’s cut many times a day. The next day she was at the service again. My dad and I were very happy to see how much better the cut looked. It wasn’t red or swollen anymore. Then the grandmother excitedly told many people how the lavender oil helped a cut she got on her finger while cooking. She showed people her finger and told them how much better it was. I was so glad to see how we could help people using the oils. A few days later one of our teammates ate a tamale from a street vendor and got food poisoning. She started throwing up at an outdoor market as we were walking to get lunch. She felt very nauseous, had a  horrible head ache, and quickly agreed to a drop of DiGize in her mouth. She also rubbed on her stomach along with peppermint oil on her head. Within 45 minutes she was feeling better and even ate lunch with us.
After our team built the church in Nauta, we went on a boat ride to visit the people of Amazonas for a day. That’s when the mosquitoes got bad. We made up an extra strong bug spray mixture and shared with anyone who needed some.

Trail to the river in Amazonas.

Trail to the river in Amazonas.

Towards the end of our trip we packed up and spent a lot of time in airports waiting for our flights. We all stayed up for around a solid 30 hours! While waiting in a LONG line at the Lima airport I had to smell some peppermint oil to keep from falling asleep! It sure did help me become more awake and alert ( I was really starting to wish we had brought some Ninxia Nitro at this point!)
My dad and I made it safely back home after an amazing trip and I am very thankful that we had our faithful oils with us on our adventure.


Ready to start your adventure with Young Living Essential Oils?  Join us right now! 


Author: Nicolette Mier, daughter of Platinum Young Living Members April and Charles Mier

My Dad and I on the Marion river near Amazonas.

My Dad and I on the Marion river near Amazonas.

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Traveling with Essential Oils by Nicolette Mier

Traveling with Essential Oils
The summer months are a great time to travel, discover new places, and have adventures with those you love. But sometimes while traveling, immediate first aid care is not readily available; aScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.42.35 AMnd an untreated wound, even a minor one, can become a situation. According to Dr. Margaret Chan of the Word Heath Organization (WHO), because bacteria is becoming resistant to antibiotics “things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.” Luckily essential oils help fill our need of first aid whenever we need them, including during travel. Continue reading

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Toxic People – Reporter Finds Flame Retardants In his Blood

Originally posted on I Choose Abundant Life:


We have been asked many time to teach on living healthy in this toxic world.  Finding examples of how toxic we can be is not hard to find.  Recently when researching for an upcoming seminar I ran into this alarming article by a reporter with the National Geographic who decided to test his blood for toxins.  You’ll be amazed at what he found, I know I was.

Here is the article..
A Swedish chemist is on the phone, talking about flame retardants, chemicals added for safety to just about any product that can burn. Found in mattresses, carpets, the plastic casing of televisions, electronic circuit boards, and automobiles, flame retardants save hundreds of lives a year in the United States alone. These, however, are where they should not be: inside my body.

Åke Bergman of Stockholm University tells me he has received the results of a chemical analysis of my…

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