The Beauty in Every Blossom

ylang“Earth laughs in flowers”. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Looking back to where I stood in a field of ylang ylang flowers, breathing deep their scent and feeling complete peace under the blue Ecuadorian skies, I am able to understand Mr. Emmerson’s words. Flowers bring happiness and comfort, they shout the beauty and joy of nature and the wisdom of the Creator.

        Every year Young Living invites their distributors to visit the farms where their oils are grown and distilled. They are invited to see first hand the beautiful plants that go into an oil bottle and the great respect Young Living shows in the whole process, from Seed to Seal. I was able to visit Young Living’s Ecuador farm in November and it was an amazing experience. I watched as the oils were distilled, I met the wonderful people who worked on the farm, and I took a part in harvesting ylang ylang flowers. I can never look at a bottle of oil the same way.

Ylang ylang flowers are so delicate that they must be hand picked at just the right time in order to produce that calming, intimate and uplifting scent we all love while still maintaining its original constituents that help our bodies. The only flowers that pass Young Living’s strict inspection are the ones that boast a perfect yellow with a distinct red center. No pale, sickly flowers for Young Living Oilers! It took me 40 minutes to pick enough  ylang ylang blossoms to produce a measly 0.2 ml. That means in order to get you a full 5 ml bottle it would have taken me over 16 hours (16.7 to be exact) of non-stop flower picking! And that, my friends, is why you should automatically be suspicious of extremely cheap oils. If other essential oil companies had truly pure oils, as they claim they do, then there is no way they could sell their oils for so cheap.  No other company goes through the amount of attention, commitment, and dedication to integrity and stewardship of essential oils like Young Living. How do I know? I have seen it first hand, from Seed to Seal, and you can too!


While in Ecuador I was able to truly appreciate flowers. I witnessed the great respect with which they were treated and I was reminded to recognize the beauty in every drop of YL oil and the beauty in every blossom that created it.      “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” ~Chinese Proverb

My wife, April, and I invite you to discover more about Young Living essential oils here.

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Essential Education on Essential Oils and Natural Wellness

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Our Amazon Adventure: Steamed and Swimming in Essential Oils!!

Well traveled oils that went to the Amazon and back.

Well traveled oils that went to the Amazon and back.

These oils faithfully accompanied my dad and I on an international trip over 6000 miles to a foreign country. They made it through 6 airplane rides and numerous moto-cab rides. They helped many people on our team during our adventure from Austin, Texas through 4 Peruvian cities and back. They went on long bus drives, 2 hour boats rides, and walks down a muddy road in the rain. Our oils were used on sore throats and sore muscles, on bug bites and machete cuts, in water and on mattresses. They certainly had as much of an adventure as we did!
This August my father (Charles) and I went on a 10 day mission trip to Peru. We brought a large array of Young Living oils, supplements, and personal care products with us. I brought the Bon Voyage travel kit and love how convenient it was to have all my favorite personal care items in one pack. As we packed for our mission trip we sprayed all of our clothes with a strong mixture of Purification, citronella, Idaho Tansy, before putting them in our bags to have as much anti mosquito oils on us as possible.
One of the first things my dad and I used was the Thieves hand sanitizer. As soon as we got to the Austin airport the Thieves hand sanitizer came out, and it stayed out for the remainder of our trip. After arriving at our “hotel” in Nauta, Peru, where we spent most of our trip, we used the same spray that we had put on our clothes in our room. We used that mixture many times a day for the entire trip. In our room we sprayed down the old, dirty mattresses, put down our own sheets, and then sprayed it again to feel at ease about bed bugs and other creepy crawlies. That spray mixture worked great as a bug repellant against the many, many mosquitoes. We got a few mosquito bites but not as much as some of our team mates who used DEET. One girl on our team had her legs covered in mosquito bites and one of the guys had some bug bites that looked infected. Our missionary team of 7 people worked together on building a church and we completed it in 4 days! We made some great friends.

Water, Purification EO, Citronella EO, and Idaho Blue Tansy EO.  Our natural mosquito repellant.

Water, Purification EO, Citronella EO, and Idaho  Tansy EO. Our natural mosquito repellant.

There were many opportunities for us to help our team mates with their sore muscles, stomach aches, bug bites, and scratches and cuts. One of our teammates felt really sick after eating a meal prepared by our Peruvian friends so we offered some DiGize and he quickly accepted a drop in his mouth. About thirty minutes later he exclaimed ” That worked really fast!” He also used DiGize to help his stomach later in the week when he felt nauseous and threw up. After long days of hard work everyone felt really sore. Two of the guys were having back pain so my dad offered deep relief and, when they accepted, he rolled it on their backs.
Everyday our oils were hard at work. The climate was very hot and humid so we had to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Lemon and Ocotea were in our water daily because Ocotea is known for its anti-parasitic properties and lemon is known as antimalarial according to the Essential Oil Desk Reference (EODR). We also took Life 5 and InnerDefense every morning, afternoon, and night to keep our immune systems strong. One night, during a service our team was holding for the local Peruvians, there was a boy who had a deep machete cut on his hand that looked swollen, red, and on the verge of infection. My dad put lavender oil around the cut and told his grandmother to keep the wound clean. We gave her the whole bottle of lavender to use on the boy’s cut many times a day. The next day she was at the service again. My dad and I were very happy to see how much better the cut looked. It wasn’t red or swollen anymore. Then the grandmother excitedly told many people how the lavender oil helped a cut she got on her finger while cooking. She showed people her finger and told them how much better it was. I was so glad to see how we could help people using the oils. A few days later one of our teammates ate a tamale from a street vendor and got food poisoning. She started throwing up at an outdoor market as we were walking to get lunch. She felt very nauseous, had a  horrible head ache, and quickly agreed to a drop of DiGize in her mouth. She also rubbed on her stomach along with peppermint oil on her head. Within 45 minutes she was feeling better and even ate lunch with us.
After our team built the church in Nauta, we went on a boat ride to visit the people of Amazonas for a day. That’s when the mosquitoes got bad. We made up an extra strong bug spray mixture and shared with anyone who needed some.

Trail to the river in Amazonas.

Trail to the river in Amazonas.

Towards the end of our trip we packed up and spent a lot of time in airports waiting for our flights. We all stayed up for around a solid 30 hours! While waiting in a LONG line at the Lima airport I had to smell some peppermint oil to keep from falling asleep! It sure did help me become more awake and alert ( I was really starting to wish we had brought some Ninxia Nitro at this point!)
My dad and I made it safely back home after an amazing trip and I am very thankful that we had our faithful oils with us on our adventure.


Ready to start your adventure with Young Living Essential Oils?  Join us right now! 


Author: Nicolette Mier, daughter of Platinum Young Living Members April and Charles Mier

My Dad and I on the Marion river near Amazonas.

My Dad and I on the Marion river near Amazonas.

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Traveling with Essential Oils by Nicolette Mier

Traveling with Essential Oils
The summer months are a great time to travel, discover new places, and have adventures with those you love. But sometimes while traveling, immediate first aid care is not readily available; aScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.42.35 AMnd an untreated wound, even a minor one, can become a situation. According to Dr. Margaret Chan of the Word Heath Organization (WHO), because bacteria is becoming resistant to antibiotics “things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.” Luckily essential oils help fill our need of first aid whenever we need them, including during travel. Continue reading

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Toxic People – Reporter Finds Flame Retardants In his Blood

Originally posted on I Choose Abundant Life:


We have been asked many time to teach on living healthy in this toxic world.  Finding examples of how toxic we can be is not hard to find.  Recently when researching for an upcoming seminar I ran into this alarming article by a reporter with the National Geographic who decided to test his blood for toxins.  You’ll be amazed at what he found, I know I was.

Here is the article..
A Swedish chemist is on the phone, talking about flame retardants, chemicals added for safety to just about any product that can burn. Found in mattresses, carpets, the plastic casing of televisions, electronic circuit boards, and automobiles, flame retardants save hundreds of lives a year in the United States alone. These, however, are where they should not be: inside my body.

Åke Bergman of Stockholm University tells me he has received the results of a chemical analysis of my…

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Radioactive? The new normal?

We have been exposed to radiation!  Does that make us radioactive?  Does this cause harm to our bodies?  Is this normal?  Should we be exposed to radiation not naturally Fukashima Radiationoccurring in our environment?  Do you want to be exposed to radiation without serious reason?  If you reading this and said yes to those answers, either you have been exposed to way too much radiation and lost a few neurons or the questions were misunderstood.  Either way, read on and lets talk about radiation exposure the norms and what you may want to consider… Continue reading

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Synthetic Essential Oil’s Effective?


We sometimes will see people we care about trying to save a few dollars by buying essential oils that are synthetic.  Unfortunately most of them are marketed as “pure” when they have the warning label you see to your left. It does not take a scientist to realize that without the food supplement label and with multiple warnings, this product may not be good for you even topically.  Especially when we remember that our skin is the largest organ of our body.  However below is a great article from, showing how synthetic essential oils  compare with natural ones.  You may be surprised. Continue reading

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